Beaded Bracelet Pattern: Stunning Kheops Patchwork


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This stunning beaded bracelet uses Kheops Par Puca and size 11 Delicas.

It is suitable for intermediate level beaders – or indeed anyone who enjoys Peyote stitch and shaped seed beads.

Beaded Bracelet Colouring

Colouring is entirely your choice. I found this was a great project for using up some leftover beads. The more different colours of Kheops you can get in, the better.

Put some thought into colour placement on your beaded bracelet. Use colours to guide the observer’s eye along the length of the bracelet.

Simple adjustments for the perfect fit

This beaded bracelet design has a beaded clasp. So, you can use the clasp to adjust the length of your bracelet.

The patchwork arrangement adds increments to the sizing. So, you will need to take a decision about how many increments work for your wrist. Then it’s super-simple to correct the fit by adjusting the length of the clasp.

Of course, if you don’t like making your own clasps, you can use a shop-bought clasp.

The clasp you see here is made using Peyote stitch.

The story behind this stunning design

I created this bracelet as part of my work for the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad. Confession time: I fell in love with the Kheops Par Puca beads as soon as I started to use them.

I found these beads lend themselves wonderfully to so many different shapes. They mix well with other beads too. So, I have created a lot of designs with them.

If you have never used these beads before, then do give them a try. As you can see, they are triangular in shape. They have two holes through them. So, my top tips are to ensure you check both holes before you use each bead. You also need to pay close attention to the hole placement so that your beads align as you want them to.

I sell all the materials for this project in the Beading Supplies. So I hope you enjoy making your own stunning Kheops Patchwork bracelet.


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