Beaded Birthday Cake Box Pattern


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I made my beaded birthday cake box as a gift for my Mum. It wasn’t a ‘special’ birthday. But she is very special to me. So, I guess that makes any birthday a ‘special’ one!

Who will get your beaded birthday cake box?


I made my box using size 10 Delicas because I wanted to maximise the space inside. It turned out at roughly 3″ (8cm) wide at the base and about 3″ (8cm) high.

You could also use size 11 Delicas if you prefer. This will just make the box a little smaller. I can’t give you the exact dimensions, but it should be roughly two thirds the size.

Then, you need some size 15 seed beads for the label.

I know the size 10 Delicas are harder to find. So, I have them in stock here.


This project is worked entirely in Peyote stitch. You will be using the circular and tubular forms of the technique. So, you should be very comfortable with those before you attempt this pattern.

As my beaded boxes go, this design is probably intermediate level. So, there are a few tricky little corners. But the Peyote variation is pretty straightforward.

About the Beaded Birthday Cake Box

Well, those of you who are familiar with my work will know this isn’t the first beaded birthday cake I’ve made. In fact, back in 2010, I wrote a whole book with beaded cakes for different occasions. (Check it out here).

It turns out that many of you, like me, wanted to preserve special memories with your beads. So, those miniature cakes were perfect for doing just that. I’ve made replica wedding cakes for friends, birthday cakes for family and more!

So, if you follow my beading journey, you will know that I love working in three-dimensions. I started designing beaded boxes even before I made all the cakes. And I have recently come back to that beaded box obsession.

So it was only a matter of time before I put the two ideas together. After all, if you’re giving someone a birthday cake to celebrate a significant birthday, you should at least fill it with a gift, right? Absolutely, so this is the project you need!

You can recolour the icing and ribbon to suit the person who will receive your beaded birthday cake. You could even leave out the design around the cake – or alter it – if you feel flowers aren’t appropriate.

Although, I’m working on a design for men, so never fear…!

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