Beaded Corsage Pattern


For this project you will need True2 beads and a selection of gemstones, plus some wire in 24ga (0.5mm) and 28ga (0.315mm). You will be using simple French beading techniques. Suitable for any level.

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About the Beaded Corsage

I made this beaded corsage for my second show on Jewellery Maker TV. I had a theme of ‘A Day at the Races’. So, I was thinking about the kind of jewellery that would be appropriate for this kind of event. I was also in the final stages of publishing my book ‘Bead Flowers and Corsages‘. I thought that a day at the races would be the perfect occasion to wear a corsage.

The kit I had received contained a mix of True2 beads and small gemstones. I have only ever used seed beads for making my French beaded flowers. However, as I looked at these gemstones, I thought they ought to work for the basic French beaded loop techniques. I decided to give them a try to find out.

Pattern Information

The beaded corsage pattern assumes that you are already familiar with the French beading techniques. However, if this is not the case, you can find them all explained in this free tutorial.

I have used two different thicknesses of wire for this project and you do need to be careful to use the same wire that I did. You can buy your wire here.

One of the main differences between seed beads and gemstones is in the hole size. So, this can have a bearing on the kind of wire that will work. You also need the right thickness of wire to make the corsage sit correctly.

If you wish, you can just make this beaded corsage with ordinary seed beads, but I think the gemstones add something rather lovely to the design.

The techniques you need for the beaded corsage are all very simple, so this pattern is perfect whatever level of experience you have. I personally think that French beading is a really easy way to get into beading and certainly an easy way to use seed beads or very small gemstones!

If you enjoy this, then make sure you check out my book for lots more fabulous beaded corsage designs.


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