Valentines Cupcake Beaded Box Pattern


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When I made my first cupcake beaded box, I promised you more designs. Well, this Valentines Cupcake is the second one. It is made a little differently. So, keep reading to find out how and why!


The Valentines Cupcake box uses a few different bead types, but you don’t need huge quantities of any of them…the biggest demand is the 30g of size 10 Delicas. You can buy most of the beads from me, right here. Or, I will be happy to create a kit for you if you wish.

  • Size 10 delicas – in cake colour and chocolate
  • Size 15 delicas – in cake colour
  • Seed beads in sizes 15, 11 and 8 – in white
  • Size 11 delicas – in red and green
  • 3mm round silver beads
  • 4mm round red beads
  • Your choice of beading thread

So, remember to check out my beading supplies once you have read the pattern’s material list. You can use the gift coupon on your receipt to get a discount on the beads.


You are going to be working entirely in Peyote stitch. This pattern uses tubular and circular Peyote. So, you should feel comfortable with both these techniques before you try this project. You will need to understand how to make increases and decreases.

If this idea scares you, please don’t worry. You can download free tutorials from me to learn – or revise – all of these techniques. Plus, I am always on hand to help out with some advice via email.

So, yes, I have marked this as an advanced project. But as long as you are happy to follow detailed instructions and persevere, you can do this.

The pattern gives you 14 pages of instructions. I have included written descriptions of what you need to do and photos and diagrams to illustrate the steps. I have also given you lots of great tips along the way.

About the Valentines Cupcake Beaded Box

When I made my original cupcake beaded box, I realised I could have created a different construction for the lid. So, being a bit of a cupcake fan, I started thinking about all the gorgeous ways you can decorate them.

And why not celebrate a few of those ideas in beads? So, I searched for ideas for decorating real Valentines cupcakes. Then used that inspiration to create something in beads. You get sweet swirls of icing and an indulgent chocolate dipped strawberry with this one!

Now, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to give someone you love a little gift. This cupcake will last forever. So, you can fill it with something special, something frivolous, or a little sweet treat – or two! I guarantee your special someone will love it.

Then again, why keep this just for Valentine’s?

Who doesn’t want an indulgent cupcake – calorie free – at any time of the year?

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