Cheeseburger Beaded Box Pattern


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This cheeseburger beaded box pattern is a development of my original cheeseburger pendant. I could see the potential to develop the design. But I had to make a few changes to turn it into a box. So, even if you have the original cheeseburger pattern, this is a little different.


I used size 10 delicas to make this box. It makes the box larger (finished size is about 3″ – 7.5cm – in diameter and just under 2″ – 5cm – in height). I also find it is easier to work with this size when you come to the fiddly bits!

However, if you really want to use size 11s, you can. The pattern instructions include a guesstimate at the quantities for size 11.

You will also need a beading thread that gives you good tension. My personal choice is fireline, but I know that doesn’t work for everyone. So, use what you find best.


You will be working in circular and tubular peyote throughout the cheeseburger beaded box pattern. So, you should feel very confident in those techniques before you start.

If you need a reminder or a little lesson, then I do have a free tutorial you can download.

I recommend this project for advanced beaders as there are some fiddly bits. But if you have made a beaded box before, you should be absolutely fine.

If you don’t consider yourself to be advanced, but you are good at following instructions, then give this a try. You should be able to manage it and will be very proud of your success.

About the cheeseburger beaded box pattern

I have written the cheeseburger beaded box pattern with detailed instructions. They include some diagrams to show thread paths and lots of photos to show how the box is constructed.

So, if you enjoy this, you might also enjoy some of my many other food themed beading projects! You can find them all here>>


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