The Bee Hotel Online Class for International Beading Week 2021

  • This is a one-off class that will not be repeated…ever!
  • It is open to all, but places are limited and registration will close on 1st August 2021.
  • Follow this link to find out what the project involves and secure your spot on this special class now.
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The Bee hotel is a very special event that you can join to celebrate International Beading Week 2021. The best way to find out about the class is to follow this link and then watch the introductory video.

The inspiration for this project came from my Beehive project – a finalist in Bead Dreams in 2018. I had a lot of requests for a tutorial for that, so this is what I am doing. It’s actually going to be even better than the Beehive and definitely not to be missed!

The Bee Hotel Class: quick overview

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Course places are limited and I will be closing enrollments on 1st August 2021 when International Beading Week ends.

I will NOT be re-opening this class at any time. So, if you want to make a Bee Hotel, this is your ONLY opportunity…enroll now or lose it forever!

So, let me just remind you what you could be enjoying if you enroll now…

What will you get in the class?

  • A unique behind-the-scenes look at how a beading design evolves
  • The opportunity to participate in a communal beading project, although you will each be making your own Bee Hotel
  • The chance to learn new techniques: how to make beaded boxes, beaded bees, beaded flowers, constructing 3-D designs, creating and embellishing, and so much more…
  • You can work to your own level. So, you get to decide how big your hotel is (depending on your time and budget). You will be creating something special and unique to you.

Who is this class for?

Everyone. You don’t need to be an experienced beader. Every section of the class will give you video demonstrations of techniques as well as a PDF tutorial to download, with written instructions and diagrams. You can ask for individual help if you get stuck.

This class will also offer community support, so if you are concerned about managing a big project or trying new techniques, you have a whole community of beaders here to support you and spur you on.

When does the class start and finish?

You can work at your own pace, so there’s no pressure to bead at a specific time.

I will be sharing the project in four stages. The first is already available to begin now. The second will begin AFTER enrollments close on 1st August. Then the last two stages will be released over the next weeks and months.

So, you can bead as much and as often as you want.

There is no pressure to finish at a set time. Once you are enrolled, you have life-time access to all the materials.

How do you enroll?

Just follow this link to take you to the class. Then, click on the enroll button on the class page and make your payment. Then you’re all set to go whenever you’re ready.

Remember, this class will be closing on 1st August 2021 at the latest…it may close before that if it reaches capacity before then.

So, this is your ONLY chance to have this beading experience. Don’t miss out!

It will feel horrible if you’re the one watching your beading friends post photos of their Bee Hotels on social media and you weren’t a part of this.

So, make sure you click here to secure your place now.