Superduo Beaded Beads Online Class

  • Learn how to make superduo beaded beads
  • Learn how to string a necklace with a professional finish
  • Video demonstrations, downloadable PDF tutorial, individual help if you have questions
  • Work in your own time, at your own pace, and enjoy life-time access
  • Use the button below to go to my beading school and enroll now, or read more in the full product description below
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In this online class, I’m going to be teaching you how to make Superduo beaded beads. These are about 1″ in length and look great used singly as earrings, or strung into bracelets or necklaces. You can even combine them with other beaded beads (I’ve got a lot of patterns here if you need any!)

I will also be teaching you how to string your beaded beads into a necklace. So, you’ll be learning techniques here that you can use for other jewellery projects too.

What do you need to make Superduo beaded beads?

In terms of the materials, you will need Superduos. But then, you probably guessed that! Each beaded bead takes only a small quantity of superduos. So, this is a great project for using up odds and ends from your stash. You can get really creative with the colouring. And I show you how to do that.

Then, you also need some size 11 seed beads. Again, just a small quantity. So, this is another great stash-buster.

In terms of experience, this online class is suitable for all levels. You will be working in Peyote stitch, but you don’t need to have previous experience of the technique. It may help if you’ve used two-holed beads before. But it’s not essential. I’ll be taking you through everything you need.

How does the online class work?

Basically, it’s as much like a real beading class as possible. So, I will be demonstrating all the steps on video. That means you can pause, bead along with me, and watch as many times as you wish.

I have also given you a full PDF tutorial to download. That includes written instructions and diagrams to show you the thread paths. So, you can work from that.

Then, if you do happen to get stuck, or have any questions, you can ask me. Just explain what you’re having trouble with and I will do my best to help you out.

You can also interact with other students on the class, and share pictures of what you’re making.

But, the best bit is, you get to do all this in your own time. So, you decide what time to take the class. Perhaps you do it in one session, or perhaps you split it into several beading sessions.

You can also review the materials over and over. So, you might make the project now, then at some point in the future come back to make another set of superduo beaded beads. And, if you can’t remember how it all worked, just pop back in and review any of the demonstrations, or anything else again.

So, I hope that all sounds good to you. I look forward to seeing you in the class. Just click on this link to enroll now, then start whenever you’re ready.