Peyote Star Tealight Decorations Online Class

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The Peyote star tealight decorations take the concept of a basic Peyote star and adapt it to fit over a tealight. You will then decorate the base of the tealight. So, this is a project that has huge creative potential.

What will you learn in the Peyote star tealight decorations class?

In the class, I will be giving you a basic star tealight pattern. So, that includes the basic star pattern, and the instructions for turning it into a tealight decoration.

That’s part 1 of the class.

In part 2, I will be teaching you how to use this technique so that you can adapt literally ANY Peyote star into a tealight. That means you will be able to apply this technique to stars made by other designers. Perhaps you already have a lot of Peyote star patterns, so you can adapt those. Or, you can view all my Peyote star patterns at this link.

I will also be giving you some additional designs to fit around a tealight base. So, again, that offers the potential for different projects. I will be suggesting how you can mix and match different designs to create something that suits your star.

All of that means you can make stars for any occasion…Christmas, Hanukkah, birthdays – and more!

You are going to be working in Peyote stitch throughout. I have included video demonstrations of all the basic techniques, in case any of them are new to you. So, the basic star tealight should be suitable for intermediate level. Learning how to adapt different star designs will require you to use common sense and work a lot of things out. So, that is something to which you can build.

You will just need size 11 delicas for this project. Plus a standard sized tea light. The class includes details of all my bead colours and also the exact tea lights that I used.

How does the online class work?

This class gives you a downloadable PDF tutorial, plus videos demonstrating the techniques. So, you have multiple ways to learn. You can also ask me for help if you get stuck, and chat to other students on the class if you wish.

Once you are enrolled, you have life-time access. You can work at your own pace and start and finish whenever you’re ready. So, this is fully flexible.

The class is hosted in My World of Beads beading school on Teachable, so you can follow this link to get started.


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