How to make beaded beads with Cubic Right Angle Weave


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Have you been wanting to learn how to create ornate jewellery and structures in Cubic Right Angle Weave? Then this course is for you. It is designed for anyone who wants to take their CRAW skills from intermediate to advanced. The project will teach you how to make beaded beads with Cubic Right Angle Weave.

What skills will you learn?

You will be learning how to add windows and roofs to a CRAW structure. So, to do this, you will make a simple beaded bead.

  • The course teaches you via easy-to-follow written instructions and video demonstrations.
  • You get life-time access to the material, so you can work at your own pace and come back here whenever you want.

This is part two of a three-part series designed to take you from beginner to advanced in CRAW. You can also purchase all three courses in one bundle and save money versus buying them each singly. So, if you would like to do that, please follow this link:…

If you just want this course, then keep reading…

What experience do you need to learn how to make beaded beads with Cubic Right Angle Weave

This course assumes you already know how to work in CRAW. You should be able to add rows to a CRAW rope to create a flat structure. If this is a skill you don’t yet have, don’t worry… You can just take this course to get you up to speed.

Then, take the next step in your journey to move towards advanced level in CRAW!

If you are ready to go, then pop back up to the top on this page and follow the link to take you to the course. It’s hosted in the ‘My World of Beads’ online beading school. And once you get there, you’ll be able to view the full curriculum before you enrol. So, happy beading!