How to make beaded beads online class

  • Learn how to use Peyote stitch to make a self-supporting beaded bead.
  • This online beading class uses video demonstrations and gives you PDF downloads. You can also ask questions if you need extra help.
  • Work in your own time, at your own pace, from wherever you enjoy beading.
  • Please read the full product description for more information.
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How to make beaded beads online class with Katie Dean will teach you a simple technique using Peyote stitch. You can use this to make fabulous beaded beads in different sizes. The online class also gives you different patterns and colour combinations to try.

The beaded beads are 3cm in diameter, so perfect for a pendant or focal bead. You can also string several to make a chunky necklace.

Katie will teach you how to make these smaller so you could string them. Or, make a larger version that you can use as a Christmas bauble.

These beaded beads are made entirely in Peyote stitch. You will need size 11 Delicas or AIKO beads for this. It’s a great project for using up odds and ends. Or, a single tube of beads is sufficient to make a beaded bead.

If this sounds good, use this link to find out more and enroll on the class now.

How to make beaded beads online class format

So, you may be wondering how the online class format works. If you’ve taken any of Katie’s other online beading classes, then you will be familiar with this format.

The class is hosted in Katie’s ‘My World of Beads’ school on Teachable. You can access it at any time and work through at your own pace. So, you might want to devote an afternoon to this. Or, you might want to take it in smaller stages if you’re struggling to find a lot of beading time.

This class gives you a 9-page PDF written tutorial to download, plus over 40 minutes of video demonstrations by Katie. So, you get to watch the techniques and see how the beaded beads take shape.

You can also ask questions if you get stuck and Katie will give you personal help.

So, if that sounds good, just follow the link above and get started whenever you’re ready.