How to do Peyote Stitch for Beginners

  • This online beading class is hosted on My World of Beads Teachable school. Click on the button below to go to the school and begin the class.
  • The class is structured in two halves. In part one, learn even count Peyote technique, for free. In part two, put your new skills into practice with a beading tutorial.
  • Please read the full product description, below, to find out more.
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Do you know someone who would like to start beading? Or are you just getting into this craft? Then my online class, ‘how to do Peyote stitch for beginners’ could be perfect for you!

This is a wholly online experience. So, you get to watch my demonstrations on video. You also get written tutorials. Plus, you can interact with other students on the course, and ask me questions if you get stuck.

The course comes in two sections…

Learn how to do Peyote stitch for free

Section one is completely free to view. It focuses on how to do Peyote stitch for beginners. So, you will be learning the most basic variation: even count Peyote.

You will get the following video tutorials included:

  • Guide to the beads you need
  • Advice about the best thread to use
  • Guide to the tools and equipment you need for this project
  • Even count Peyote stitch demonstrated
  • Demonstration of how to use a Peyote word chart
  • Explanation of how to change your beading thread

Then, you also get a written tutorial, explaining the technique in words and diagrams, and giving you a mini project to try. So, you can put your skills into practice right away.

Joker Playing Card Pattern

If you enjoy this, you can then enrol onto the rest of the class. By doing that, you get to try out a project using even count Peyote. It’s a pretty impressive-looking project, but it is possible for a beginner level student to complete this.

So, in this section of the class you get:

  • Full word chart for the front and back of the Joker playing card
  • Video showing you how to assemble the card and finish your thread
  • Additional written instructions to supplement the video
  • The opportunity to ask the tutor for help if you get stuck
  • The opportunity to chat to other students on the class

You get life-time access to all of this. So, you can complete the class in your own time, at your own pace. You can also return at a later date if you want to make more.

If you are already an experienced beader, but just want to make the playing card, you can purchase the playing card patterns as PDF downloads, using this link.