French Beaded Flower Bouquets Free Online Class

  • Are you interested in learning how to design and assemble a bouquet of French beaded flowers? This free online class teaches you all the design principles and assembly techniques you will need.
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Learn how to design and assemble French beaded flower bouquets in this free online class.

The class gives you video demonstrations showing you:

  • How to choose flowers to create a great bouquet design
  • What to consider when you are designing French beaded flower bouquets
  • How to assemble your bouquet

Katie will be showing you how to make the exact bouquet featured in the photo. It uses flowers from this ebook. So, if you already have a copy of the ebook, you can use it to make the bouquet.

If you don’t have a copy of the ebook, you can either get one and use the flower designs from that. Or, you can simply apply the lessons in the online class to your own choice of flowers.

How to design and assemble French beaded flower bouquets Class Details

So, how does this free online class work?

Basically, you just need to follow this link and enroll in the class. Once enrolled, you can start learning right away. Or you can wait.

The online class gives you over 30 minutes’ of video tutorials. Katie is explaining how to choose your flowers, what to consider when you are creating a design. And, of course, she will be demonstrating the bouquet assembly process in full. You’ll get lovely detailed close ups of hands working, so you can see exactly how the techniques work.

You get life-time access to the class. So, you can view all the materials in your own time and at your own pace. That means you can also keep coming back to the class as often as you want. Watch from the comfort of your favourite beading spot, whenever you are ready.

Although this free online class won’t be teaching you any actual French beading techniques, Katie does offer other classes. You can also use her French beaded flowers ebooks to learn the beautiful craft with video tutorials and written instructions.