Cubic Right Angle Weave for Beginners: free online class

  • Do you want to learn Cubic Right Angle Weave? Or have you ever struggled with it in the past? Then, this free online beading class is exactly what you need.
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Use this free online course to learn how to work in Cubic Right Angle Weave (CRAW). I will be teaching you via video demonstrations and written instructions. So, let me tell you a bit more about what the course involves.

What does the Cubic Right Angle Weave course give you?

Firstly, you get lifetime access to this. So, you can use it now to learn the technique. But you can also come back to it at any point in the future if you need a refresher.

You will get a PDF download which you can save and print out. This gives you the written instructions, so you have those to reference at any time. Then, when you are online, you can also watch the video demonstrations to see how the technique works in reality.

I have used large beads and special colouring to help you see what is going on, in detail. So, this is all really easy to follow, no matter how much beading experience you have.

I have also given you some advice about the best materials to use. The course is packed with tips to help you work easily in Cubic Right Angle Weave. And, I have included a beginner level pattern that you can try out straight away.

It will take you less than an hour to go through this material. So, just think: as you read this, you are less than an hour away from learning a new beading technique!

If that sounds good, here is the link to access the course>>

Why learn CRAW?

You may already have some idea of what this technique is all about. It creates a lovely, textural beaded rope, in its basic form. So, that is what you will be learning on this course.

You can then go on to develop this to make amazing 3-dimensional beadwork. So, at the end of the course, I will be giving you some information about how to do that. If you want to hop straight in to projects, then you can browse here to find some patterns that use CRAW.