Complete Guide to Beaded Boxes Online Class

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This online class gives you a complete guide to beaded boxes. So, let me tell you what that means…

How does the complete guide to beaded boxes online class work?

You simply need to follow this link to enroll in the course. The course gives you access to four individual classes. Between them, you will learn all the techniques you are ever going to need for making Peyote stitch boxes. You can buy each class individually, but you will save over 20% by taking this course and getting them all together.

Once enrolled, you can start beading at any time. So, you might want to begin immediately. Or, you might prefer to save the project to start later.

You can work through at your own pace. So, you’re not obliged to bead at any set time. If you want to carve out a chunk of time and do the entire class in one go, you can. But if you find it easier to bead in short spells, that’s also fine. You get life-time access to the class material. So, just follow as much or as little as you want.

This online course gives you four complete classes. Each will give you a PDF tutorial that you can download and print out or save. So, you can work from that.

You also get detailed video demonstrations with all the classes. These will show you the different steps for making your beaded boxes. So, even if you’re quite new to beading, you should still be able to make these projects.

If you get stuck, or have questions, you can just ask for help. I am there behind-the-scenes to answer all your queries and help you get un-stuck if necessary!

Materials and techniques

You will be working in Peyote stitch. So, the techniques aren’t complicated.

All the beaded boxes are made with the delica beads. You will also need Fireline beading thread.

If you are interested in making beaded boxes, I have a lot on offer here on the Beadflowers website. So, follow this link to view them all.


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