Underwater Beaded Box Kit


  • This kit contains just materials. So, you will also need a copy of the pattern, which you can find here>>
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The underwater beaded box kit contains just materials. This project was originally published in Bead & Button Extra in August 2018. So, if you are a subscriber, you can get the pattern there. However, this kit has been put together to match the pattern that I sell here on my website.


Your underwater beaded box kit contains:

  • Size 11 delicas
  • GemDuos in Aqua splash

I have not included beading thread as most people already have plenty! You will need a beading thread that gives you good tension and is strong. For me, that is Fireline. But I realise that your choice may be different. So, go with whatever works for you.

If you have the pattern and just need a few of the bead colours, I do also sell the materials separately. So, you can choose what you need from my beading supplies department.

Experience and Techniques

The underwater beaded box is made using Peyote stitch. You should be comfortable with circular and tubular, plus ‘stitch in the ditch’ before you try this. If you need any reminders, you can find a comprehensive series of blogs about Peyote stitch here>>

I recommend this project for advanced beaders. Or at the very least, for someone who has previously made one of my beaded boxes.

I often make boxes using size 10 delicas. But for this, I have used size 11. So, that means it will feel a little more tricky to stitch.

About the Underwater Beaded Box Kit

I made this box for the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad. They had sent me a pack of beads to try, including the new ‘splash’ coating on the GemDuos. As soon as I saw it, I thought of water.

I also wanted to experiment with a different shape for a box. So, I don’t know if you’ve seen a diamond shaped box anywhere else, but I hadn’t. The GemDuo shape leant itself to this idea. So, everything else followed from that.

Once I had thought of rippling water, I began to think about what might be found in the water. So, imagine the box lid is a beautiful lake. On the sides of the box, we take a glimpse at the fish and water weed that live below the surface.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 23 × 17 × 3 cm

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