St Patricks Day Gift Box Beading Kit


  • You can choose whether to buy a kit with just the beads you need, or to also have the pattern instructions included. So, please select the right option from the menu.
  • You should provide your own thread, beading needle and scissors.
  • If you would just like the pattern on its own, you can find it here.
  • I will put your kit together specially for you, so don’t worry that it says ‘out of stock’ – just place a back order and I will kit it up for you.
  • Please also read the full product description below.

Earn up to 145 Free Beads.

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If you’re thinking about celebrating, then this St Patricks day gift box beading kit is the perfect project. Bead it for yourself or send it to someone else to bring good luck!

If you are looking for the pattern on its own, you can find it here>>


Your St Patricks Day Gift Box beading kit contains all the beads you will need to make this cute beaded box. You can choose whether you also get the instructions. So, please take care to select the correct option from the menu.

The finished box comes out at about 2.5″ high and the width of the hat (so width of the storage space) is about 1.5″. It’s just enough to sneak in a little gift!

I have not included any thread. So, you can choose your favourite beading thread. Just make sure you use something that will allow you to get good tension.


You are going to make the main hat shape using circular and tubular Peyote stitch. So, before you start this project, you should have a good understanding of these techniques.

I decorated my St Patricks Day Gift Box with a lucky four-leaf clover. So, for this, you will be working in basic brick stitch.

The final finishing touch is the square stitch buckle on the hat ribbon. Again, this is a basic technique.

So, if you need help with any of the technique basics, you can download free tutorials from this website.

As far as beaded boxes go, the St Patricks Day gift box is quite simple. So, I have listed this as an intermediate pattern. As long as you are comfortable with the techniques I have mentioned, you should be able to make this whatever your level.

The Story Behind St Patricks Day Gift Box Beading Kit

I don’t normally celebrate St Patrick’s Day, but really I should. It turns out that I actually have some Irish blood in my veins! So, this year, I decided to celebrate with a new beading pattern. When the pattern proved really popular, I decided to turn it into a kit too.

For a long time, as I’ve been making my beaded cakes, I have seen a likeness between them and hats. So, I’ve had it in mind to make a beadd box in the form of a hat.

When I was thinking about ideas for celebrating St Patricks Day in beads, I came up with the obvious four leaf clover. (You can get that pattern here). Then, as I often like to do when I search for inspiration, I began looking through google images on the theme. The Leprechaun’s hat kept coming up as a motif.

So, bingo! – My idea of making a beaded hat box and this theme for St Patricks Day coincided beautifully. And voila – the St Patricks Day Gift Box was born. So, I hope you enjoy making yours and that it brings you lots of luck.

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