Quilter’s Cuff


This kit contains the instructions, beads, findings and thread to make this bracelet. The materials include 60g of peanut beads, Delica beads, magnetic clasp, Twin Hole beads and thread for the project. The pattern uses circular and tubular Peyote stitch.

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About the Quilter’s Cuff Kit

This Quilter’s Cuff pattern originally featured in the October/November 2013 issue of Beadwork magazine.

The pattern uses circular and tubular Peyote stitch. It was classified as a ‘level 3’ project in the magazine. So, this project is perfect if you are an advanced beader or someone looking for a challenge.

When I created this design I was inspired by the idea of the crossover between different crafts. So, I wanted to make something out of beads that reflected the wonderful craft of quilting. This is what I came up with! I had also been working with ideas about patchwork for a while.

Working Tips

The peanut beads give the quilter’s cuff a wonderful texture. However, they do feel a bit different to work with if you are used to ordinary seed beads.

You need to really understand the thread path you are using. The shape of the peanut beads means they can sit a little ‘off’. So, this can make it tricky to spot the ‘up’ beads for your peyote stitch unless you are very familiar with the technique.

I like to incorporate my clasps into a design so they become a seamless part of the whole. So, for the quilter’s cuff, I made a clever clasp.

The cuff fastens with a magnetic clasp disguised under a ‘sparkly’ quilt square. This fits through the end holes in the cuff. So, the clasp is a completely separate entity. Hopefully you can see this from the photos in the gallery.

The instructions with the kit are accompanied with both diagrams and photos to make everything as clear as possible.

More Ideas

If you want to see where I went after this, or if you want a slightly gentler introduction to the techniques you are going to be using for the quilter’s cuff, then I have a couple of patterns that will help.

The daisy cuff bracelet uses a similar technique in normal seed beads.

If you just want help with peyote stitch hexagons, then this patchwork cuff is the place to start.

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