Quadratile Flowers Ring


The Quadratile Flower ring kit contains fully illustrated instructions and all the materials you will need to make two rings in different colours. You will be using simple stringing and a basic beading stitch to make the ring band. This project is suitable for all levels.

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Quadratile Flowers Ring

This kit featured on my second show for the Craft Channel. I wanted to introduce viewers to some of the new beads that have been emerging on the beading market. This simple kit uses Quadratile beads, Superduos, Lentil beads and pearls to make a stunning ring. I created a ring base using a basic Square stitch, but if you prefer, you can use a different technique that you already know. The kit comes with full step-by-step instructions with detailed photos and diagrams to illustrate them. Your kit contains enough beads to make two rings and I have included beads in two different colour schemes, so you can mix and match.

For anyone who is new to beading, Quadratile beads are like little flat squares with four holes through them, arranged a little like a button. As a designer, I have had great fun using this four hole structure to create interesting shapes and layers. I have really come to love these Quadratile beads for the new dimension that they can bring to my beaded jewellery. Best of all, they are so simple to use, so it is possible to achieve complex-looking effects without needing to follow difficult thread paths. I think the accessibility of these Quadratile beads makes for a very exciting development in the beading world. In this ring design, I have combined them with two-holed Superduo beads to give yet another easy dimension to the design. Although it looks complicated, you will see from my demonstration on the show, that you are really doing nothing more than stringing beads, so the ring is very quick and easy to make.

If you like the sound of the Quadratile beads and want to try more jewellery designs made with them, then I have a few options available on this website.

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