French Beaded Strawberry Plant Kit

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This kit contains comprehensive instructions and all the materials you will need to make this strawberry pot plant. That includes almost 200g of seed beads, four reels of wire and embroidery silk and floral stem tape. You will need your own tools and it is possible to buy this as a tutorial only. So please read the full product description, below, for more information.

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My French beaded strawberry plant uses a few different techniques. I started out making a strawberry and somehow ended up with a complete pot plant!

This project is a lot of fun to make and it is accessible to everyone. Although I will talk more about experience level below. If you have just stumbled upon this and never tried French beading before, don’t worry. I have lots of supporting material to help you get started. In fact, my own beading journey began with French beading. I think it is a really easy route into beading. So, if you are looking at this and loving it, go ahead, jump in and give it a try!

This is also available as a tutorial only if you already have a lot of French beading materials. You can find the tutorial here.

Contents of the French Beaded Strawberry Plant Kit

The French beaded strawberry plant kit contains all the materials and instructions that you need. This includes almost 200g of seed beads and four reels of wire, plus a few 6mm beads, a pack of embroidery silk, and a reel of floral stem tape.

You will need to provide your own tools. I suggest you use a bead spinner to thread your beads for this project. You will also need wire cutters and flat nose pliers.

What experience do I need?

That’s a tricky question! I have written comprehensive instructions for this, although I have assumed that you know some of the key techniques. However, I have free tutorials that will teach you these basics. So, if you are new to French beading, or if you would like a technique reminder, please also download the free tutorials.

In addition to that, I have published two ebooks with video demonstrations. The French beaded strawberry uses a range of techniques. So, you will need both ebooks to cover everything. But, the good news is, you can get a special bargain price if you buy them together. Find that bargain by following this link!

So, back to the original question. I have marked this as an intermediate to advanced project because some of the techniques are fiddly. However, my instructions take you through things one step at a time, starting with the easiest stuff and moving on. So, if you follow carefully, I would say anyone can happily give this a try.

I am also more than happy to answer questions and offer tips and advice. Just contact me if you need any help!

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