Flower Basket Beaded Box Kit


  • Please choose the right options for you. You can buy just the beads or buy the beads and pattern.
  • The gallery images show the beads you will get in each colour option. Ribbon on the basket will be toned to match the flower beads shown.
  • You can also buy the pattern on its own at this link>>
  • Please make sure you have read the full product description below.

Earn up to 140 Free Beads.

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I designed this beaded box as a Mother’s Day gift. The pattern has been proving so popular that I have now launched a flower basket beaded box kit in a choice of colours.

If you know my work, then you will know that I have already made a three-dimensional flower basket. Well, with all the beaded boxes I’ve been designing, I had an idea… My original flower basket would translate well into a beaded box…

A few words about the flower basket beaded box kit

So, I’ve made some pretty big adjustments to the way I created the flowers in this design. The basket itself just needed some amendments to turn it into a box.

The finished box measures about 2″ across the base and is about 4″ high (to the top of the handle). So, you can fit quite a few little treats in this!

If you also want to try my original flower basket ornament, you can find the pattern here >>

Kit Contents

Your flower basket beaded box kit contains all the beads you will need to complete the project. Hopefully you have noticed, I offer you the choice of buying a kit with instructions or a kit with just beads. So, if you already have the pattern, you can just buy the beads to make your flower basket.

The flower basket beaded box kit does not include thread. So, choose a beading thread that will give you excellent tension. The box is self-supporting – so is the handle – so, you need good tension to achieve this. My personal preference is for Fireline, but I know that not everyone will agree with me. So, use whatever thread works best for you. If you also need to buy thread, then I have a selection in the beading supplies department.

Experience and Techniques

The main flower basket beaded box is made with Peyote stitch. I have assumed that you are already familiar with the following:

  • circular peyote
  • tubular peyote
  • making increases and decreases

So, if any of those is new to you, you might need to do a bit of homework before you try this project. Happily, I can help you out with free tutorials to cover those techniques. So, just get what you need from the free tutorials on this website.

I made the basket handle using tubular herringbone. I have included a little technique refresher for that.

Now, I have mixed some SuperDuos into this project. They do increase the difficulty. So, I would recommend this project for advanced or experienced beaders.

If you are less experienced, then my original flower basket pattern might be a better option for you to begin with.

How will you use your flower basket beaded box?

So, maybe you use the flower basket beaded box as a Mother’s Day gift, like me. Or maybe for a birthday or some other special occasion. It also just makes a great ornament.

What will you do with your beaded box…?

Additional information

Weight 0.12 kg
Dimensions 23 × 17 × 3 cm
Kit Type

Beads Only, Beads and Pattern


Red Mix, Blue Mix, Purple Mix, Cream and Gold Mix, Pink Mix

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