Father Christmas Beaded Box Kit


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Earn up to 375 Free Beads.

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The Father Christmas beaded box – or Santa beaded box if you prefer! – contains 2 drawers and 2 containers. It is about 5″ high and 5″ wide. Each drawer is about 0.5″ and the two box spaces have 1″ openings.


Your Father Christmas beaded box kit contains the following materials:

  • Around 110g of size 10 Delicas
  • About 15g of size 11 seed beads
  • One 4mm pearl

Beading thread is a personal choice. So, I have not included this in your kit. You want to use something that will give you good tension. For me, this is Fireline, but you may prefer something different.

I sell various different beading threads here in my beading supplies department if you need any.

You can also follow this link if you just want the pattern on its own.

Experience and Techniques

You are going to be working mainly in Peyote stitch. So, I have assumed you are already very comfortable with this technique. You will be using tubular and circular Peyote with increases and decreases.

If you need a little reminder, you can download free technique tutorials from this website.

I have also used a little basic brick stitch. Again, I have assumed you know the technique, but you can get free tutorials if you need them.

Lastly, you will use some freeform – and your imagination – to add the little characteristics and design details. I have guided you through all this in the pattern. But I am also leaving you to interpret as you wish.

If you want to find out more about any of these techniques, I have some useful blogs here>>

This is an advanced level project.

About the Father Christmas Beaded Box

Back when I was making my beaded Nativity figures, it occurred to me that I now had the skills to make Father Christmas. So, slowly, I began to envisage this little character.

I wanted to draw on some of the beaded box techniques I have been developing. So, I thought how fun it would be if Santa’s boots were to pull off (open – they don’t actually detach!) to reveal storage space in his legs. I had already developed this drawer technique in my Fire and Water and Camera beaded box designs.

That would mean that Father Christmas needed to be sitting down. So, I began to envisage him packing his sacks with gifts, ready for the Big Night! That immediately gave me two more box spaces. One in his body and one in the sack.

So, this was my dream when I took out the beads to begin making my Father Christmas beaded box. This design has been a journey of discovery where I’ve learned even more about joining flat Peyote shapes to create three-dimensional beadwork.

So, I invite you to take this journey too and extend your beaded box skills even further!

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