Easter Bunny Beading Kit


  • This kit contains all the beads and instructions, but no thread.
  • If you are looking for just a pattern, you can find it here.
  • Please read the full product description (below) for more information.

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Your Easter Bunny beading kit contains all the beads and instructions you will need to make this cute little character. I have chosen not to include thread. I know many of you already have your favourite brands – and plenty in your stash. So, you will be able to use that. However, if you do need some thread for your Easter bunny beading kit, you can grab some here.

The Easter bunny is just under 2″ (5cm) wide and about 3″ (8cm) tall.

The pearls for the bunny’s necklace may vary from the photograph. So, if you have any special colour requests, feel free to email me.


You are going to be using netting and a little brick stitch to make your bunny. The techniques aren’t too hard and I have free tutorials to help with some of the basics if you need them.

If you simply want to get the pattern instructions on their own – no problem. I have the pattern available right here.

The Story Behind my Easter Bunny Beading Kit

As with many of my beading patterns, there is a little story behind the birth of my Easter bunny! I was teaching my snowman decoration as a workshop back in 2013.

As I was preparing the materials, I realised that I didn’t have enough white delicas for me to use – only enough for the students. Never mind, I thought, I’ll just pick a colour and use it to make a beaded bead or two. I was still able to show the technique this way. I happened to pick out brown and pink, a sort of chocolate and strawberry theme that I thought would make a lovely necklace.

So, I started on the demo, using the brown beads. One of the ladies in the class commented that my snowman must have fallen in a muddy puddle or something! We all laughed. Then someone else said, or maybe it’s an Easter bunny?

Well, that was it, the beaded bead necklace idea went out the window and I spent the class making an Easter bunny instead. Lucky I’d picked up those pink beads – they made perfect inner ears! I had to wait until I arrived home to add the necklace, but my students that day got to watch a design evolve!

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