Christmas Tree Beaded Box Kit


  • This beaded box kit contains ONLY materials. So, you also need to buy the pattern for this project.
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  • I will send you a receipt with a beading treat and will mail the kit to you.
  • Please read the full product description (below) to find out about the materials and techniques for this project.

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This Christmas tree beaded box kit only contains materials. So, you also need to buy the beading pattern for this project separately.

The finished box measures about 6″ high. It contains 24 individual drawers and another single box with lid. So, keep reading to find out all about it!

Christmas Tree Beaded Box Kit Contents

The Christmas tree beaded box kit contains the following materials:

  • Size 10 delicas (about 260g)
  • Mini Mushroom beads
  • Superduos
  • Size 11 seed beads
  • GemDuos
  • Size 15 seed beads

I haven’t included thread as most people have plenty in their stash. So, you can use whatever you like best. As with all my beaded boxes, you will want to choose a thread that gives you good tension. So, please use what works well for you. My personal choice is Fireline, but there are a lot of threads out there and a lot of personal preference to play with!

If you would like a custom kit in different colouring to that shown in the photo, please get in touch. You have lots of options if you want to design your own version. If you need some ideas for colouring, check out this blog>>

Experience and Techniques

You are going to be working primarily in Peyote stitch. So, you will be using the tubular and circular variations. Plus some odd count and ‘stitch in the ditch’. If you have made any of my other beaded boxes, this will all seem quite familiar.

I used some basic beading to add the decoration at the end.

This is definitely an advanced level project. But as I say, if you have made boxes in the past, you will have a good idea of what to expect.

About the Christmas Tree Beaded Box

I came up with the idea of making a Christmas tree beaded box as I was working on my beehive. Having made one set of drawers, I thought, why not stack them?

So, the biggest design challenge was in working out how small I could make the drawers so they would still be a decent size and manageable to stitch. Then, it simply became a matter of increasing each layer in size.

I decided to fill up to the top with a single box that comprises three layers. So, this completes the Christmas tree shape and gives you an extra storage compartment.

You could use the Christmas tree beaded box kit as an Advent calendar (with an extra day for the 25th!). Or, why not just a decoration? Maybe it’s the centrepiece for your table and you could fill all the drawers with gifts for your dinner guests? I’m sure you will have plenty of ideas of your own. So, do share them and let me know how you get on!

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