Chocolate Chip Cookies Pendant Kit


This kit contains all the materials you will need in order to make the chocolate chip cookies pendant featured in my Sweet Treats book. You will need a copy of the book for the instructions. If you wish to buy the book as well as the kit, you can purchase a copy for £10 instead of the RRP of £16.95. Make sure you select the appropriate option from the drop down menu before you place your order. Scroll down for the full product description.


Earn up to 100 Free Beads.

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About the Chocolate Chip Cookies Pendant Kit

This kit contains size 10 delica beads, 4mm cube beads, thread and split rings to create the chocolate chip cookies pendant. A necklace is not included. It also features a quick instruction guide for assembling the pendant.

This project uses circular brick stitch and is suitable for intermediate or advanced beaders. However, it could be completed by an adventurous beginner who is familiar with circular brick stitch. If you are not familiar with circular brick stitch, Sweet Treats book includes a chapter covering the techniques used for all the cakes. In addition to that, you can find a free technique sheet covering circular and tubular brick stitch here.

The Background Story

When I wrote Sweet Treats book, I asked my friends to come up with (or challenge me!) ideas for cakes, biscuits and desserts that I could make. The criteria were that they needed to be distinctive in shape or colouring. One of my friends suggested chocolate chip cookies and I instantly liked the idea.

I also enjoy looking at beads and trying to work out what they remind me of. In this instance, I immediately thought of 4mm cube beads for the chocolate chips. They come in both brown and cream. So, I was able to make white chocolate chip cookies as well as the normal variety. I even made some mixed white and dark chocolate chips cookies.

The challenge lay in working out how to use the 4mm cubes with the delica beads, since the sizing of the beads is so different. I soon discovered that I needed to use size 10 Delicas instead of the more common size 11s. Luckily the size 10 beads came in the right colour for the cookie dough. I soon discovered a thread path that allowed me to include the chocolate chips.

I have turned my chocolate chip cookies into several different projects. You can see some other ideas in the gallery photo. Plus, you will be able to find more projects in Sweet Treats book as well.

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