Beginners French Beaded Flowers Kit


Beginners French Beaded Flower kit makes 3 clover and 3 basic flowers. Designed to introduce a complete beginner to the art of French Beading. All beads and materials are included in this kit, but you will need to provide wire cutters and craft glue. Vase is not included. Please read the full product description (below) for more details before you purchase.

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French Beaded Flowers Kit

This French beaded flowers kit is perfect for starting out in this beautiful craft. It contains detailed instructions, plus a history of French beading and all the materials you will need. The kit makes three clover flowers and three simple flowers.

The beginner’s French beaded flowers kit introduces you to two basic loop techniques. It also shows you how to assemble flowers. This gives you a lovely little bouquet as a starting point.

Take your French Beading further

If you have really been bitten by the French beaded flowers bug, then my two ebooks, ‘Bead Flowers and Wedding Bouquets‘, and ‘Beaded Wedding Flowers and Corsages’ will take you through all the basic techniques. They show you all the techniques in videos as well as written instructions.

Plus, you will learn how to make a great range of flowers. Then, I show you how to turn these into bouquets and corsages if you wish.

What you need

Back to the beginner’s French beaded flower kit here! I designed this to keep things simple. So, you will just need a pair of wire cutters and some clear glue to fix the ends of your stems.

I have given you enough beads, in four colours, to create the two types of flower. The kit also includes wire. I have picked wire in colours to tone with your beads.

Note: bead colours for the flowers may vary slightly from those shown in the photo.

If you have read about French beading, then you may have seen references to using a bead spinner to string your beads. This is an enormously helpful tool if you are going to be making a lot of French beaded flowers. However, it is not essential for this kit. The number of beads you will need to string for each flower is small enough to be done by hand.

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