Beaded Snowflakes Kit

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You can still get the snowflake pattern in my ebook, Beaded Christmas Gifts and Cards.

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Beaded Snowflakes

My beaded snowflakes are one of my oldest designs. Back when I started beading, I came up with the idea of adding beaded ornaments to cards so that the card would be a sort of gift as well: the beaded ornament could be removed and kept. I made a set of Christmas cards using this idea and put the beaded snowflakes on the front, so they could be removed and hung on the Christmas tree. Since then, it has been a personal tradition to keep coming up with new ideas for the front of my Christmas cards, but they only go to special people!

These beaded snowflakes are made by using seed beads and wire. The kit contains a whole reel of wire and enough seed beads in size 6 and size 8 to make at least ten snowflakes. They are really simple to do – and very quick – so even if you’re just a beginner, you can make these. As I mentioned, they make great Christmas tree decorations: they’re lightweight and sparkly! Just add a piece of narrow ribbon or shirring elastic to the tip of one of the snowflakes and it’s ready to hang. I have also used my own beaded snowflakes to just scatter across the dining table for Christmas dinner. They make a lovely display and if you’re having guests over, you can let them take the snowflakes home too!

This snowflakes kit has limited stock and has been proving very popular, so don’t miss out on your chance to buy one! If you want some more ideas for Christmas decorations or table settings, then I have a series of ebooks that is full of inspiration and, with videos showing you all the techniques, you’ll be making beautiful beadwork for yourself in no time.

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