Beaded Brooch Kit: French Beaded Daffodil


This kit contains around 30g of beads, embroidery silk, stem wrapping tape, wire and brooch backs – everything you will need to make two daffodil brooches. The flowers are in two shades of yellow. You will be using basic French beading techniques. Comprehensive instructions are included.

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About the Beaded Brooch Kit

This beaded brooch kit makes two French beaded daffodil brooches. The kit includes fully illustrated instructions, plus around 30g of seed beads, wire, floral stem tape, embroidery thread and brooch backs.

You may find it helpful to use a bead spinner, but it is not essential. You will just need wire cutters and some clear glue (I use UHU). So this kit is suitable for all levels.

More about French Beading

If you are wondering what French beading is, you can find out a little more in this blog. Essentially it is a traditional craft that dates back centuries. It involves threading seed beads onto wire and then shaping it into petals which are assembled to make flowers.

If this is a craft that you enjoy or would like to try more, then I have written two books about the subject. Both are ebooks and include video demonstrations of the techniques you will need. For the daffodil beaded brooch, you can find all the demonstrations in Bead Flowers and Wedding Bouquets.

If you are interested in finding out more about beaded brooches and corsages, then you will love the Bead Flowers and Corsages ebook. It is not essential to have either book for this kit, but they may be of interest.

I also sell a lot of individual French beaded flower patterns. Plus all the materials. So, if you need extra materials for this kit, or want to try some different flowers, check out my other French beading projects.

Useful Information

You can expect to make each daffodil beaded brooch in an afternoon.

They are lovely for wearing to a Spring wedding, or just decorating a jacket. They are also, of course, the symbol of support for Marie Curie Cancer. So, if you wish to use this kit to make the beaded brooches to sell to raise money for that cause, you are very welcome to do so.

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