Chilli Beads Waterlily Bracelet Pattern


For this bracelet you will need Chilli Beads, 4mm pearls and size 11 seed beads. The bracelet is fastened with two snap fasteners. You will be working in Peyote stitch and bead stringing. Suitable for anyone with a little beading experience or beyond.

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Chilli Beads Waterlily Bracelet

This bracelet came about as I was experimenting with Chilli beads. Their distinctive shaping means that they look equally interesting when placed front-to-front or back-to-back, so I thought I would combine both options in this design. I was also fascinated by the idea of thinking about ways in which the two-hole structure of the beads could be utilised in a similar fashion to Cubic Right Angle Weave. You will be happy to hear that the thread path you are going to use is a lot simpler than you might imagine from that description! If you have not yet come across or used Chilli beads, then you can find a blog post with a lot more information about them here.

I have combined the Chilli beads with size 11 Miyuki duracoat beads. This allowed me to add the pearl embellishment, so although the design idea resembles CRAW, the structure and thread paths are quite different. You may find it helpful to think in terms of circles and units, but beyond that, you can clear your mind of any other ideas of Right Angle Weave! The bracelet is fastened using a Peyote strip combined with snap fasteners. It is a simple and secure fastening that allows you to size the bracelet very easily and is very comfortable to wear.

There are numerous ways in which Chilli beads can be used, so if you want more patterns, the blog post I mentioned above includes links to other Chilli beads projects.


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