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  • Choose the amount you want to give
  • Add the recipient’s email address (you can send the gift card to more than one recipient)
  • IMPORTANT: please take care and double check that you have typed the email address correctly. If you make a mistake, your gift card won’t be delivered!
  • Add a personal message if you wish
  • Then, add the gift card to your basket, and check out
  • There is more information in the full product description below

Earn up to 500 Free Beads.

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A gift card is a great way to treat yourself or a friend. So, how does it work?

Notes for buying a gift card

You can choose the value of your gift card, selecting from the options shown in the drop-down menu. If you have a value in mind that isn’t shown in the options, it may be possible to make up that value by purchasing multiple cards.

For example, if you wanted to send a friend a £75 gift card, you would first select the £25 option. Complete your friend’s email address (please take great care to enter it correctly, or the card won’t be received). You can add a personal message as well. Then, add this first card to your basket.

Now, select the £50 option from the menu. Again, complete the email address and add your message. Then add that gift to the basket as well.

From here, you can go straight to your basket and check out. Or, if you are wanting to add more products, just do that before you check out. Yes – you can purchase gift cards as part of another order.

You can also purchase a gift card to be sent to several different friends. Just choose the value of your card, then add the email addresses of ALL the friends to whom you want to send a card. Make sure to check each address is correct. Use a comma to separate the addresses.

You will then see the total number of cards is updated to reflect the number of recipients. Click on add to basket, and then you can continue shopping, or check out. It’s all very simple!


All gifts are sold in £ sterling because that is the currency used on the Beadflowers website. This is great news! If you happen to live outside the UK, it means your gift will be in the same currency as the price, so you’re not going to suffer from exchange rate fluctuations.

Expiry dates

There is no expiry date on the card. So, your lucky recipient can use it whenever they wish. Just take care of it!


When you have checked out, you will receive a receipt as proof of purchase of your gift card(s). The card itself will be emailed to your recipient. It is possible that some email providers will push a gift card into the junk folder of your recipient. So, it is worth checking with them that they have received your gift. Cards are sent out immediately, so there shouldn’t be any delay between purchase and receipt of gift.

If you have reason to suspect that your gift has not been delivered, please contact me.

You should send an email including the following information:

  • Your order number
  • The recipient’s email address

I will then be able to sort out the problem.

Notes for spending a gift

If you have been lucky enough to receive a gift, you can use it in payment for all or part of your order. Your card will be held on file, so you don’t have to spend it all at once. Any balance that is left after each use of the card will carry over to be used on your next visit to Beadflowers.

In order to spend your gift, just copy and paste the code into the correct box in the shopping basket. This is the box just above the ‘proceed to check out’ button. If you forget to add the code in there, you will have another opportunity to add it on the check out page.

Once you have added your code, you will see your purchase total is adjusted, and also, the card will show any remaining balance.

You CANNOT use a gift card to purchase other gift cards.

If you see an error message with the code, please make sure you have added it correctly. It is always best to copy and paste it, as you can make mistakes when trying to type it in.

You can combine gift cards and loyalty points, or coupons. Your card is just like paying cash.

Please take care of your card. Lost or stolen cards cannot be replaced. If your card code is stolen, please report the theft to me immediately so that I can cancel the card.

These cards can only be used on products that are sold ON the Beadflowers website. So, any books or online classes that are sold through affiliate sites will not accept the card codes.

Thanks for sharing

I hope these will bring you and your beading friends a lot of joy. Please feel free to share news of these gift cards on Facebook or other social media. Thank you!

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Gift Card Amount

£10, £25, £50, £100