How to Follow a Peyote Stitch Pattern

This links through to my free online class which teaches you how to read Peyote stitch pattern charts. Follow the link to go to the class and start learning now.

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How to Follow a Peyote Stitch Pattern

This free online class teaches you some handy tips and tricks that show you how to follow a peyote stitch pattern to create flat pictures. Many people find Peyote stitch tricky to read. The rows works in the ‘up’ bead, ‘down’ bead pattern. So, as you are trying to read a chart, it is tricky to spot the beads in any one row. This tutorial does explain how the pattern works. It will also give you some great tips for reading charts more intuitively, so you are actually reading the pattern made by the beads as you work.

How this Tutorial will help you

I developed this tutorial to help with my teaching practise. I saw students struggling to read Peyote stitch patterns, perhaps for making an amulet purse, or a beaded flat picture. This guidance is based on ideas that have helped me learn how to follow a Peyote stitch pattern. At the end of the day, the way in which you read a peyote stitch pattern will be something that you have to work out for yourself. However, this guidance is certainly a great place to start.

If you want to try and put your experience into practice, then you might like to try one of my beaded pen patterns.

I believe that the basic beading techniques are the fundamentals to all beadwork. So, I think you should be able to learn them for free. These techniques are not copyrighted. So, I wanted to make sure that everyone has access to well-written materials for learning these building blocks. If you find my style of teaching and writing works for you, then I hope you will return to sample some of the patterns on this website.

You might also like to follow this online course and learn how to read Peyote charts for ANY Peyote project. So, that’s flat, tubular and dimensional! Click here to enrol on the course.

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