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Learn the theory about choosing colours and designing the layers for this style of necklace, followed by a tutorial for this exact necklace design. You will need seven focal beads plus a selection of round beads in different sizes and colours. The necklace is made with memory wire and beadalon. Suitable for all levels. I have put all my teaching and beading experience into creating this great tutorial for you. It took me a few hours to write up. I am very happy for you to benefit from it for free. However, if you would like to support my work, so I can bring you more great beading projects, you also have the choice to do that by making a voluntary donation. Thank you!


Earn up to 5 Free Beads.

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Free Necklace Pattern: Simple Layers

In this free necklace project, you will learn how to create a necklace with different layers of beads. The instructions talk about how to choose colouring for your design. So you can use beads from your own stash rather than having to go out and buy more.

You will also learn some tips and tricks for creating a necklace that has layers to it. The design element is not always as easy as it looks! You will then be shown how to create this actual free necklace design.


For this project you will need seven large focal beads. I actually used some beaded beads that I had made. Three Dome Flower Beads and four dagger beaded beads. So you can find those patterns on the website here.

This free necklace project will work just as well with another variety of bead. Just stick to the sizing I have suggested (just over an inch).

I used these beads to guide the colouring for my project. I worked with a selection of pearls in different sizes and colours (4mm, 6mm and 8mm). But round beads in those sizes will work just as well. You could alternatively use a different selection of beads from your own stash.

The necklace is created on memory wire. If this is a material that you have not used before, you can find a helpful guide here. The layers are created using Beadalon and crimping this onto split rings.

The pattern assumes that you know how to crimp. If this is not the case, this free tutorial will tell you all you need to know.

Armed with these helpful tips, you are ready to begin. This free necklace project is suitable for all levels, whether you are just starting to learn how to make jewellery or you want to try a quick project. If you are interested in making jewellery, you may also enjoy this blog.

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