Colour Theory Beading Project

This free beading tutorial is no longer available as I now teach the material in an online class, which you can take in your own time, working at your own pace.

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Colour Theory Beading Project

I developed this colour theory beading project to teach in a class. The project looks at basic colour theory. I then set you a number of different challenges to help you see how colours work together.

This aims to address a big issue with colour theory in beading. The finishes on the beads can affect how colours play against one another. Colour theory is already fairly complex in terms of the way in which colours interact with one another. The shiny surface of beads and the different finishes (eg silver lined or Aurora Borealis), just add to this complexity.

What you will get from this online class

This colour theory beading project gives you a very practical way of getting to understand how beads play against one another. You will explore different finishes of bead in the same colour. You will also look at different shades and different colours. Some of the elements of the project allow you to plan, some force you to mix very random colours and see how they work together.

Even if you have been beading for years, it is a good idea to make yourself do some kind of colour theory exercise. This will stop you from getting into colour ruts. So, have some fun with this one – it certainly proved popular with my students!

My Philosophy

I believe that the basic beading techniques are the fundamentals to all beadwork. So, I wanted to make sure that everyone has access to well-thought out materials for learning these building blocks. If you find my style of teaching and writing works for you, then I hope you will return to sample some of the patterns on this website.

Or,  please try one of my online classes. You can find them all at this link.

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