Beaded Toilet Roll Pendant Pattern


Work in basic Peyote stitch, using seed beads to make this pendant. I hope it brings a smile to you! Please read the full product description for more details.

I have put all my teaching and beading experience into creating this great tutorial for you. It took me a few hours to write up. I am very happy for you to benefit from it for free. However, if you would like to support my work, so I can bring you more great beading projects, you also have the choice to do that by making a voluntary donation. Thank you!

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I’m not making light of a very serious situation here. But I hope this beaded toilet roll pendant will make a few people smile. I’ll explain why in a minute…


I made my sample using size 8/0 seed beads. This created a pendant that is about 1″ in size. However, you can use literally any size or type of seed beads. So, I can see this working with 11/0s to make a pair of earrings, for example.

It doesn’t take many beads, so would be a good stash-buster. And who says toilet roll has to be white…?

Experience and Techniques

This is made entirely with Peyote stitch in various basic forms. I have assumed you know the basic techniques, but you can also use this link to learn any that you’re not familiar with.

You can also check out my YouTube channel for video demonstrations.

This would be suitable for any level of beader.

Why make a beaded toilet roll?

If you discover this pattern at a later date, you might find a toilet roll a very odd subject for beading! I’m making this in March 2020, when the world is being rocked by CoronaVirus.

The news is full of fear. People are (understandably) panicking. We are seeing countries around the world gradually shutting down as governments attempt to contain the virus by limiting social contact to stop people spreading it to one another. It is both surreal and scary.

One of the forms of panic-buying has been toilet rolls…you can’t get any anywhere in my area now. Somehow, this panic-buying of toilet rolls has caught the public imagination. (And I should mention, I may not find this so funny in a few weeks when my normal supply runs out and I haven’t taken the sensible precaution to buy a 10-year supply ‘just in case’). I also mean no disrespect to anyone as I write this. None of us really knows how to deal with this crisis, so we are all just doing the best we can.

So, how could I resist reflecting this in beads? I hope this will make people smile at a very frightening and uncertain time.

If you are reading this during the outbreak, then I send beady hugs to you. Take any sensible precautions you can to stay well. Help others too. But above all, don’t forget to look for the little things that can make you smile each day and provide an escape from all the stress.

Happy beading!

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