Beaded Advent Candle Holder


This tutorial shows you how to combine beaded pine cones and beaded holly leaves into an advent candle holder. You will need the patterns for the pine cones and holly leaves in order to make the project – please read the detailed instructions below. The tutorial is free with either of these products, on its own it costs £2 as shown.

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Beaded Advent Candle Holder

This beaded advent candle tutorial is free with any purchase of the beaded pine cones or holly leaves. Just purchase one of those patterns/kits and this will automatically be included for you.

You will learn how to turn beaded pine cones and holly leaves into a beaded advent candle holder. You will need the pattern for the beaded pine cones and the kit for the holly leaves in order to make this beaded advent candle holder. This tutorial shows you how to add these components to create the candle holder shown. It does not show you how to make the pine cones and holly. You will not need any additional materials, unless you want to add some ribbon to create an attractive base for your beaded advent candle holder.

I designed this decoration to teach at a weekend workshop at Missenden Abbey. It uses both bead-weaving (for the pine cones) and also French beading (for the holly leaves), so you will have the opportunity to try different techniques. This beautiful decoration will become a family heirloom to be brought out every year. You can even get creative and make this in golds and silvers instead of the more traditional natural colours shown.

The assembly instructions are very simple and suitable for all levels. You will find that the holly leaves are easy to make, using French beading techniques. The pine cones are a little more challenging, using bead-weaving with Piggy beads. If you do not wish to take up this challenge, the advent candle holder does work very well with just holly leaves. If you are purchasing the holly leaves kit, then you will have plenty of materials for this option. The assembly of the project uses wirework and simple crafting – all you need is the ability to create a neat finish!


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