2020 Beading Patterns

To sit alongside the blog reviewing my 2020 beading journey, I have pulled together this special category. It shows all the 2020 beading patterns. (And I mean the patterns I produced in the year 2020, not two thousand and twenty patterns!…I may reach that number eventually, but not this year!)

So, what will you find? A big range of projects actually. I have something to offer to all levels of experience. You will also find a nice range of different techniques throughout these patterns. So, this is a great place to find any of the 2020 beading patterns that you may have missed.

We all know this has been quite a year! For some beaders, the anxiety has diminished their desire to bead. For others, beading has been a huge source of comfort. I confess I’ve fallen into the second group. With much more time given to us, I’ve spent mine on some big projects. I’ve also just followed my heart and taken the path that the beads led. So, have a browse, and enjoy following this beading journey. Maybe also reflect on your own beading process and journey this year.

I hope this has been a year in which you have stayed safe. And let’s hope that the next year will bring better news for everyone. But even so, the beads will still be there to comfort and inspire!

Showing 1–16 of 36 results

Showing 1–16 of 36 results