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This ‘How to Make Beaded Boxes’ Ebook does exactly as you would expect! I have created 7 flower-pot themed designs for you to try. They cover beginner to advanced level. So, you can build your skills gradually.

How to Make Beaded Boxes Ebook Layout

I wanted to begin by teaching you the skills and techniques you will need to make beaded boxes. So, I created two simple designs: square and hexagon. You’ll start by learning these in depth, with written instructions, diagrams and video demonstrations.

Then, I wanted to let you see how easy it is to develop these basic ideas in many different ways. So, I create projects to show you how to:

  • Change the dimensions of your box (make it fatter, thinner, taller, shorter)
  • Create different colour schemes and pattern designs
  • Mix shapes together to create something simple that looks more ornate

I have created different flower designs to help you learn all these skills.

By the time you have finished, you will feel confident in making boxes and also have the skills to develop your own designs.

What materials will you need?

Every project in my How to Make Beaded Boxes Ebook uses Delicas and basic seed beads.

I have worked with size 10 Delicas because it is MUCH easier to use these when you’re making boxes. If you’re concerned about where to buy them, don’t be… I have included a comprehensive list of recommended suppliers from all over the world.

Different flowers use different beads. So, for some designs, you will be using basic size 11 seed beads that you have in your stash. But, I also wanted to experiment with some different ideas. So, for those of you who enjoy trying out some shaped seed beads, I have created a few projects using them too.

Hopefully there is something for everyone!

What experience do you need?

Very little!

Because you are going to be learning with videos to supplement the written instructions, I truly believe this is something you can try at any level.

Don’t be put off by thinking the projects look too complicated or difficult. The techniques are honestly, very easy. If you don’t believe me, I made some extra videos demonstrating the techniques for the flowers and plants. You can view those for free (just use this link) and I’m sure they will convince you!

So, if these projects are something you would like to try, just go for it!

(Oh, and this is just one of several ebooks that I’ve published. So, if you like the idea of learning on video, check out the other titles here.)

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