Tubular Herringbone Lariat


This tubular herringbone lariat is made with seed beads in size 11 and size 8. You will be working in herringbone stitch, with the option of adding a tiny bit of Peyote. The pattern is suitable for all levels and will help encourage some design creativity.

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Tubular Herringbone Lariat Pattern

This pattern is a great way to learn tubular herringbone. It combines two sizes of seed bead to create a textured lariat, fastened with a toggle made with herringbone and optionally embellished with peyote stitch. The pattern encourages some creativity as, depending on your choice of colouring, you can theme the lariat with the embellishment at the end of the rope and also on the toggle. Guidance is provided, but creativity is encouraged!

I chose to use a seaside theme for my tubular herringbone. I began by selecting the natural contrasting colours of blue for the sea and yellow for the highlight of sand. The toggle can be left without embellishment if you just want to keep to the tubular herringbone technique. I decided to create a little Peyote stitch motif to sit on my toggle. If you want to use a different technique, then square stitch, or even a piece of flat herringbone are both good options. You will just need to design a flat picture that reflects your theme. For mine, I chose to use a star fish, imagining it had perhaps just left the sea and been washed up on the beach. Finally, I embellished the ends of my tubular herringbone with some white beads and pearls to give the impression of sea foam. You could go for a completely different theme – something natural would lend itself to a flower embellishment on the toggle. Or maybe an abstract theme just using your favourite colours and a simple geometric pattern on the toggle.

The instructions include photos, diagrams and pattern paper and are written with a beginner level in mind, so if you are new to this stitch, this could be the pattern for you! A lariat design doesn’t require a clasp, so there is no need to worry about findings, just bead. If you enjoy this and are looking to develop your tubular herringbone skills, then you might like to try my plaited rope necklace, or a simple tubular herringbone twisted bangle.


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