French Beaded Aquilegia Tutorial


For this project you will need size 11 seed beads, 28 gauge wire, floral stem tape and embroidery thread. You will find a bead spinner helpful and will also need some wire cutters. This project is suitable for all levels.

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About the French Beaded Aquilegia Tutorial

This French beaded Aquilegia tutorial shows you step-by-step how to make the Aquilegia flower. You will be working with size 11 seed beads and 28 gauge wire.

The tutorial uses two basic French beading techniques: the four row crossover and the basic technique. I have assumed that you are already familiar with these techniques. However, if you need a reminder, or if either of them are new to you, I have free tutorials that you can download. This flower is fairly quick and simple to make. So, I have categorised it as being suitable for all levels.

My Aquilegia Design

I have to confess it has taken me thirteen years to publish this French beaded Aquilegia tutorial! That must be some kind of record…and not in a good way!

When I first began French beading I straightaway started designing my own flowers, but at that point I had no thoughts of publishing patterns. This was strictly a hobby for me. I did have the presence of mind to make notes about what I had done as I created each design. I intended these to be just for me, so that I could recreate my flowers in future. Now I am on a mission to translate all these notes into French beading tutorials!

The Aquilegia is a beautiful flower, marked by its unusual ‘tails’ that extend from each outer petal (I am aware that is not a technical term!). This flower has a huge number of varieties and can also be called Columbine. I believe that the Aquilegia and Columbine are technically different varieties of the same species. However, I have heard the names used interchangeably.

If you google search for images of Aquilegia, you will see the enormous variety of colours. Different varieties of this flower also have slightly different petals. So, this project creates just one specific type. I may have to revisit this project again and try to make some of the other varieties!

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