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These beads are sold in packs of 50. Please select your colour(s) using the drop-down menu. You can order a sample to check the colour before committing to a full pack. The full product decription tells you more about the beads, how to use them and gives some pattern suggestions. So, please read that before you purchase.


Earn up to 14 Free Beads.

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I sell two hole lentil beads in packs of 50. You can choose your colours from the drop-down menu above. Click on the gallery images to view each colour of bead.

Free Samples

We have all come across that same problem. You see a bead colour on your screen and think it looks great. So, you order the beads. Then, your pack arrives and the colour is totally different from what you were expecting. You even wonder if the shop just packed the wrong beads by accident…!

The fact is, between camera settings, lighting and different computer screens, it is very hard to convey the true colour of beads in an online setting. So, if you are trying to colour match and you’re not sure what will work, you can order a sample.

I will send you 1 lentil (enough to check the colour). Your sample also includes a discount code. So, if you come back here and buy some beads from me, use the discount code, then the cost of your free sample will be refunded against your order.

Terms and Conditions

You can redeem your coupon against any beads, so it does not have to be the same as your sample. For example, if you ordered a sample of pearls, but decided they weren’t right. You could still come back and redeem your sample coupon as you buy some seed beads.

The coupon has no expiry date, but you can only use it once. If you have multiple coupons, you can use them all, but you must add each coupon code separately in your basket.

Coupons cannot be used to get a refund against a pattern or kit.

What are Two Hole Lentil Beads?

Unsurprisingly, two hole lentil beads have two holes through them! They are a round disc-shaped bead, with a diameter of about 6mm. These beads are part of the Czechmates range. So, if you use them with other beads from this range, you will find they fit together seamlessly.

If you would like more information about these beads and how to design with them, try this blog. You will learn that Lentil beads also come in a single-hole variety. So, take care that you are buying the right type for the project you wish to make!

Patterns using Lentils

I know it’s lovely to try out a new bead shape from time to time. If you are confident in creating your own designs, then this is fertile ground for ‘playing’. However, most beaders are not so confident in designing. So, if you fall into that category, I have some ideas to help you.

I have been using two hole Lentil beads in some of my recent designs. So, I have added links to these patterns just below this product description. If these beads are looking tempting, then just grab a pattern and you are all set!

Now, with so many lovely beads to try, I know I am going to be creating more patterns than I have space to show here. So, if you want to see my full range, click on this link. That will show you all the patterns that use Lentil beads (both varieties) and I will keep updating it. So, make sure you come back regularly to find more ideas.

Tips for Using Two-Hole Lentil Beads

These beads are really simple to use. They are a lovely shape and they slot together well. So, you can work with them in plenty of traditional beadweaving techniques. Alternatively, you can use them as embellishment.

My only tip is watch the holes! As with any multi-holed bead, do remember to check that both holes are clear before you add the bead to your project. In a lot of projects, you start by passing through one hole on the bead. Then it can be a while before you come back to pass through the second hole. So, if at this point, you find that hole is blocked, it’s frustrating!

You should always try to unblock the hole. Sometimes, a rogue slither of glass gets trapped in there during the final stage of manufacture. If this is the problem, you can usually push that piece out quite easily. However, if the blockage is more severe, you might end up breaking the bead as you try to force the hole clear. So, take care and be prepared to accept that you will need to discard some beads!

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Lentil Bead Colour

Crystal AB, Jet, Matt Metallic Goldenrod, Pastel Light Coco Brown, Persian Turquoise, Pink Opal Bronze Picasso, Rose Opal

Pack Size

Free Sample, Full Pack

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