Trinity Beads UK, 6mm – 5g Packs


  • 6mm Trinity beads sold in 5g packs. This is about 42 beads.
  • Please read the full product description below to find out more about the beads and how to use them.
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These Trinity beads are fun, versatile and easy to use. They are available in two sizes, but I just sell the 6mm size here.

You will be purchasing a pack of 5g. This is about 42 beads.

What are Trinity Beads?

If you have never come across Trinity beads before, they are another type of multi-hole seed bead. You can see from the photos, they are a kind of trefoil shape. So, as you might imagine from their name, they contain three holes.

The 6mm measurement refers to the width of the bead. In order to structure them this way, they are also reasonably deep. So, that measurement is about 3mm.

I am about to share a few tips for using Trinity beads. But I also urge you to try your own experiments. If you have any questions about them, just ask!

How to use Trinity Beads

For me, the benefits of these beads come from their multi-hole structure. So, I have used them a lot to create layers of beads in projects.

They look pretty on their own. But I think they work best when used in conjunction with other beads. So, in particular, I have used them with different multi-hole beads to create texture and interest.

However, if you’re not a fan of multi-hole beads, you can also use these with your ordinary seed beads. They work really well as ‘spacers’. So, you can use their three-hole structure to string three sets of beads. The beads will sit in that trefoil shape, rather than as three flat strings. Maybe that’s an idea you could experiment with further.

I have now used these beads in several projects. So, if you keep scrolling down, I have linked to some of my favourites.

You can also follow this link to see all my Trinity beads projects>>

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 1 cm

Full Amber, Full Labrador, Chalk, Jet, Pastel Turquoise, Crystal

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