Slimline Beadable Pens


  • Choose the colour for your slimline beadable pen…
  • …Grab a beaded pen pattern to go with it…
  • …and make a fabulous gift for yourself or a friend
  • This is a ballpoint pen and refills are available, so it will last forever. You will need to add the refill to your basket separately, or you can just buy the refills on their own.
  • For more information, please read the product description below

Earn up to 38 Free Beads.

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I have created a series of designs that fit these slimline beadable pens. So, it made sense to start selling the pen blanks too!

What are Slimline Beadable Pens?

This is a pen that has been specially designed with an indentation, so you can cover it with some decoration. In this case, we’re talking beaded decoration.

These pens are ballpoint, in black. They open and close with a screw mechanism (rather than a button). And the best bit – you can also get refills. So, your beautiful beaded pen design will be able to last forever!

Take a close look at the photo. You should be able to see that there are two sections to cover with beadwork. I have created many different patterns to celebrate different occasions or themes. So, in the gallery images, I’ve included a couple of samples to show you what the finished pens look like.

Now, if you need a pattern, you can browse all my pen designs here >>

I keep adding more new designs and if you have a theme you want me to design, just drop me an email.

Although, you can also create your own designs. So, let me tell you how that works…

How to design a beaded pen

You simply need a piece of Peyote stitch graph paper. You can colour in the beads to create your design.

So, start by taking your pen blank and calculating how wide the strip needs to be (this is along the length of the pen section). That gives you the number of beads per row.

Then, work out how long your strip needs to be in order to wrap snugly around the pen. That measurement will give you the number of rows to bead.

Mark out your two measurements on the graph paper and add your design within that space. Then, follow your pattern to make your slimline beadable pen wrap. Fold it around the pen and zip up the edges to secure it – no glue needed!

If you’re new to all this, I also have free tutorials on here to guide you through Peyote stitch and how to follow a Peyote stitch pattern. Plus, this blog gives you a handy overview of the Peyote stitch technique >>

Choosing your pen colour

The slimline beadable pens come in a choice of three finishes. This refers to the pen nib, centre and clip at the top.

So, in the photo, you can see the colours from left to right: 24k gold, Chrome and Gunmetal.

You can either choose the colour you like best. Or match the pen colour to your design.

I also now have a limited number of pens without a clip. So, grab them while you can and keep an eye on stock levels – I will add new stock as I have it.

You can also get pen refills, while they are in stock. So, please add those separately from the pens. You have a choice of black or blue ink. The pens do not automatically come with refills, but you can also come back and purchase a refill on its own at a later date.

Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 15 × 6 × 2 cm
Pen Colour

24k Gold, Chrome, Gunmetal, Pen Refill Only

Pen Style

With Clip, Without Clip, Pen Refill Only

Pen Refill

None, Black Ink, Blue Ink

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