Size 15 Seed Beads – 5g Packs


  • 5g packs contain about 2,000 beads
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Buy size 15 seed beads in packs of about 5g. That is around 2,000 beads. So, although the pack size sounds small, it will go a long way!

These seed beads measure about 1mm, so they are really tiny. You will find them used in a range of projects. So, you can use them on their own as you would any other size of seed beads. Or, use them for edging, accents and to help in shaping projects.

Colours for size 15 seed beads

I have taken a lot of trouble to try and photograph these beads to show the colours accurately. But I’m sure you know the routine by now… the way in which colours render on different computer screens may change the way they look. So, if you really need to match a colour with accuracy, you might want to request a sample. I will be happy to sort that out for you.

Otherwise, please just select your bead colour from the menu and place it in your basket.

The difference between brands

You may have noticed that I also sell size 15 Miyuki Delicas. These are a specific type of bead, technically known as a cylinder bead. They have a much ‘squarer’ shape, making them perfect for precision work. The size 15 seed beads you see here are more rounded in shape.

So, which do you need? Well, if your project instructions specify a particular brand (in any of the beads), try and stick to that. You may not realise, but there are subtle differences in size between different brands. So, this can alter how well a project works. If a designer has taken the trouble to specify a brand, then there is likely to be a good reason for that! If you want to find out more, check out this blog post>>

This may be a controversial view, but I find less difference in size between brands in the size 15 seed beads. So, I would be a little more willing to risk mixing brands. I just throw that idea out there as something for you to experiment with!

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 1 cm
Bead Colour

Black, White Lined Blue, Opaque Brown, Silver Lined Medium Green, Ceylon White, Silver Lined Dark Pink, Silver Lined Gold, Clear Inside Pale Lemon, Transparent Green Luster, Silver Lined Turquoise, Transparent Red AB, Silver Lined Crystal