Size 15 Delicas: 7g Pack


  • Each pack contains 7g – this is about 2450 beads
  • Size 15 Delicas measure approximately 1.3mm x 1mm
  • Colour choices should be selected from the menu
  • Please read the full product description for more information

Earn up to 35 Free Beads.

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I typically use just a few colours of size 15 delicas. I use these for making my beaded cakes and boxes. So, as I aim to make it easy for you to purchase supplies for my patterns, I am selling this small selection here.

Sizing for Size 15 Delicas

Size 15 Delicas measure about 1.3 x 1mm. They have a generous hole size (0.7mm) for the size of bead. So, this is really handy if you need to make multiple thread passes through them.

My personal experience is that there is a lot of variation in size between different brands of size 11 seed beads. Yet, I do not find this with the size 15s. So, that is why I tend to use them rather more interchangeably.

If you are interested in finding out more about how different brands vary, then check out this blog.

Benefits of Delicas

Size 15 Delicas, like the other sizes, are incredibly regular in size and shape. Of course, there is a price to pay for this brilliant manufacture. So, if you are looking for cheap beads, walk on by!

Seriously, though, the more beading you do, the more you come to value quality. Especially for bead-weaving stitches like Peyote and brick stitch. These need a really regular finish. So, the Delica quality is hard to beat.

If you are just using a handful for size 15s to embellish a project, or capture a cabochon, then I would say you can go for any brand.

Delica Product Coding

The other beautiful thing about Delicas is Miyuki’s product coding system.

Now, in case you are new to this beading lark, Miyuki is the Japanese company that makes Delicas. They also make other seed beads with a more rounded shape. So, you will see patterns referring to ‘Miyuki seed beads’. If the pattern author knows their stuff, then they will be talking about Miyuki’s other line, NOT the Delicas.

Do just watch your step though – some people aren’t aware that there is a difference. So, they may use the names interchangeably. Yet the bead sizes are not quite the same.

Anyway, back to the colour codes… Each Miyuki product has a number that refers to the bead colour. In the case of Delicas, they also have a letter code. So, DB (Delica Bead) refers to a size 11. DBS (Delica Bead Small) refers to a size 15. DBM (Delica Bead Medium) refers to a size 10.

So, if you find yourself staring at a tube of beads and wondering what size they are, the letter part of the code will tell you. Then, the number part refers to the colour.

Size 15 Delicas in My Projects

My main reason for using these size 15 Delicas is to match bead colour. When I started making beaded cake recipes, I did some of the shaping by using a mixture of bead sizes. So, I had to get the same colour in each size. That meant keeping to the same brand.

You will recognise these from the donuts in Sweet Treats Book. I also used a similar idea to make my cupcake beaded box.

So, if you need a few pattern ideas, just keep reading!

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 1 cm

DBS0852, DBS0201, DBS0150

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