Miyuki Seed Beads – Size 11


Miyuki size 11 seed beads are sold in 25g packs here. Please select your colour choice(s) from the drop-down menu below. You can view all colours in the photo gallery. Each image is labelled with its colour description. If you are trying to match colours, you might want to try a free sample before you buy a full pack. For more information, please read the full product description below.


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Miyuki seed beads are a brand manufactured in Japan. You may recognise the manufacturer’s name in conjunction with Delica beads. Well, the seed beads are a slightly different size and shape, even though they are also labelled size 11.

If you are already familiar with my patterns, then you will know that I have several designs that use these beads. I have used this brand for some of my bead-weaving projects.

Free Samples

We have all come across that same problem. You see a bead colour on your screen and think it looks great. So, you order the beads. Then, your pack arrives and the colour is totally different from what you were expecting. You even wonder if the shop just packed the wrong beads by accident…!

The fact is, between camera settings, lighting and different computer screens, it is very hard to convey the true colour of beads in an online setting. So, if you are trying to colour match and you’re not sure what will work, you can order a sample.

I will send you a string of ten Miyuki seed beads (enough to check the colour). Your sample also includes a discount code. So, if you come back here and buy some beads from me, use the discount code, then the cost of your free sample will be refunded against your order.

Terms and Conditions

You can redeem your coupon against any beads, so it does not have to be the same as your sample. For example, if you ordered a sample of pearls, but decided they weren’t right. You could still come back and redeem your sample coupon as you buy some seed beads.

The coupon has no expiry date, but you can only use it once. If you have multiple coupons, you can use them all, but you must add each coupon code separately in your basket.

Coupons cannot be used to get a refund against a pattern or kit.

Information about Size 11 Miyuki Seed Beads

These beads are pretty uniform in size, as you would expect from the Japanese manufacturers. So, this level of quality makes them an excellent choice for all kinds of beading projects. If you are unsure about what bead sizes mean, then check out this blog post.

I am selling these beads in packs of about 25g. All my packs are weighed to try and ensure accuracy. If you are working from a pattern, you will probably see the bead quantity listed in grams, so this will help you decide how many you need.

As you will see, I have a limited range of colours, but hopefully it covers the basics. Miyuki seed beads are available in a huge range. So, if there is a colour you want, but which I don’t stock, do feel free to email me and ask.


This leads me neatly onto the subject of colours. I have photographed all these beads in natural light. Furthermore, I shoot in close up so you can really see the colour accurately. Having said this, if you already have some experience with beading, you will know how tricky colours can be. For one thing, they look different individually to how they might appear in a bag of beads. I personally think the ‘individual’ colour is more accurate because you will be stitching them individually.

So, browse through the gallery images and select the colours you like. Each image is labelled with its colour description. So, you can match that to the drop-down menu list. I have included the colour code as this is the most accurate way of ensuring you are buying the Miyuki seed beads that you want. A lot of shops will use this code system. So, don’t take too much notice of my colour descriptions!

If you would like a bit more detail about how bead colours and finishes vary and how they work together, then read this blog.

Project Inspiration

If you fancy giving the size 11 Miyuki seed beads a try, then I have lots of projects to inspire you. I have included a few links below to give you a taste.

Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 1 cm
Pack Size

Free Sample, Full Pack


Ceylon Pale Peach – 517, Silver Lined Rose Pink – 645, Dyed Dark Grey – 21F, Dark Peach Ceylon – 2345, Yellow Lined Green – 1926, Clear Celery – 371, Ceylon Pale Green – 520, Clear Lined Rose Pink – 1931, Ceylon Grey – 526, Dyed Dark Jade – 1933, Dyed Emerald – 646, Dyed Turquoise – 647, Silver Lined Ruby Red – 911, Silver Lined Gold – 2, Matte Dark Cream – 92022, Matte black frosted – 401F, Opaque Chocolate Brown – 419, Opaque White – 9402, Opaque Cobalt – 9414, Opaque Turquoise Blue – 9413, Dyed Opaque Mid Blue – 1477

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