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These are basic French beading supplies. In addition, you will need your beads and also the wire. I sell both of these items separately. So, you can buy beads in different pack sizes. You can also buy wire in two different gauges. If you are looking for either of these items, then please check the main beading supplies.

About the French Beading Supplies

Here, you can choose the additional materials that are specific to French beading. So, you will need floral stem tape  and embroidery silk to create a good finish. For some flowers, you will also need the stem stiffening wire. I will explain about all the materials below…

Embroidery Silk

This is not a special type or anything. So, if you already have embroidery silk in your craft stash, you can just use that.

Here, you can choose from some basic colours. I have three shades of green. They are not hugely different. However, I find the light green goes well with lighter beads, like the lime green opaque. I use the mid-green with my silver lined emerald beads. The darker green seems to tone well with the silver-lined jade beads.

Then I also have yellow that I used for the French beaded wheat and brown that I use for the orchid pot plant and Fuchsia.

Each of these is in a 10m pack. It is packaged so that it feeds out easily. So, I find this is brilliant to stop the silk from tangling.

If you are new to French beading, then you will use the embroidery silk to wrap the flower stems at the end. This is optional, but, in my opinion, it gives the best professional finish to the flowers.

Floral Stem Tape

This is one of the essential French beading supplies. Although there are some techniques that give you flowers with twisted wire stems, the majority require you to wrap the stems. So, your stem will comprise a lot of pieces of wire. You need to wrap it with floral stem tape to secure everything and create a neat finish.

This floral stem tape is green, so you can use it to complete the stems. If you have never used this before, it is slightly sticky. So, as you wrap around the wire stems, pull the tape gently and this enhances its ability to stick to the wire and to itself.

The stem tape does dry out eventually. This is great if you are leaving it as the finish on your flowers. But, if you are storing the roll, I suggest you keep it in a sealed plastic bag.

One word of warning – you end up with sticky fingers after using this. So, make sure you can wash your hands!

You will be buying a full reel of tape.

Stem Stiffening Wire

This is one of the optional French beading supplies. For some flowers or plants, you may find the stem is a little bendy. So, this wire is perfect for adding strength and stability.

The wire is perfectly straight, 20 gauge and measures about 10″ in length. You will get twenty pieces.

4mm Beads

These are a particular type that I used for my beaded apple and beaded pear. So, I have listed them here for the benefit of anyone wanting to make those projects.

You will be buying a pack of 5 beads.

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