Diamonduo Beads: 10g Packs on Sale


Each 10g pack contains about 78 DiamonDuo beads. Please select your colour(s) from the drop-down menu below. If you want to check colours more accurately, you can order a sample. The full product description contains more information about this.


Earn up to 23 Free Beads.

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10g packs of DiamonDuo beads are available here in a range of colours. Please view the colours in the gallery images and then select your choice(s) from the drop-down menu above.

Free Samples

We have all come across that same problem. You see a bead colour on your screen and think it looks great. So, you order the beads. Then, your pack arrives and the colour is totally different from what you were expecting. You even wonder if the shop just packed the wrong beads by accident…!

The fact is, between camera settings, lighting and different computer screens, it is very hard to convey the true colour of beads in an online setting. So, if you are trying to colour match and you’re not sure what will work, you can order a sample.

I will send you 1 DiamonDuo (enough to check the colour). Your sample also includes a discount code. So, if you come back here and buy some beads from me, use the discount code, then the cost of your free sample will be refunded against your order.

Terms and Conditions

You can redeem your coupon against any beads, so it does not have to be the same as your sample. For example, if you ordered a sample of pearls, but decided they weren’t right. You could still come back and redeem your sample coupon as you buy some seed beads.

The coupon has no expiry date, but you can only use it once. If you have multiple coupons, you can use them all, but you must add each coupon code separately in your basket.

Coupons cannot be used to get a refund against a pattern or kit.

About the DiamonDuo Beads

DiamonDuo beads are made in the Czech Republic. They are diamond shaped and measure 5x8mm. They have a faceted top that gives an attractive finish. Each bead has two holes that pass horizontally through the top and bottom.

If you have tried any other shaped seed beads, these are similar to SuperDuos to use. DiamonDuos are also pretty much interchangeable with GemDuo beads. They tessellate to form attractive patterns. They also mix well with other shaped beads and basic seed beads.

You are going to be buying 10g packs here. This is about 78 beads. So, whether your pattern has given its requirements in grams or in quantity, that fact should help!

If you want to find out more about DiamonDuo beads, you will enjoy this blog.

Patterns Using DiamonDuo Beads

I’m guessing you’ve stumbled across this page because you have just been browsing my patterns and found something that uses these beads. However, if you’ve reached it the other way around and are thinking the beads look interesting, here are some patterns that will allow you to use them.

If you want to just try DiamonDuos on their own, then these earrings are perfect. You can make them from one pack of beads. They are a great introduction to DiamonDuo Beads and really stylish.

If you want to try mixing DiamonDuos with other beads, then this bracelet is my most popular pattern. It combines the DiamonDuos with Ava beads. It is simple to make and you can buy all the materials from me right here.

I have also used DiamonDuos in bead embroidery projects. So, you could try this cuff bracelet. It is a great project for using up odd leftover beads. So, I hope that gets you started with a few ideas.

Colours and Stock

I have limited stock and colours available. I do plan to add to this over time, but for now, if you see a colour you like, please grab it! If you are looking for a particular colour that you can’t see, then please email me or leave a comment and I will try to help out.

You will also see that you can back order these beads. So, that will give you priority when the next shipment arrives. If you need your beads in a particular time-frame, please let me know and I will do all I can to help with that.

Thank you for looking and happy beading!

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
DiamonDuo Bead Colour

Alabaster Blue Neon, Chalk Orange Lustre, Opaque Coral, Pastel Cream, Pastel Emerald, Pastel Light Coral, Pastel Light Sapphire

Pack Size

Free Sample, Full Pack

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