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This coloured copper craft wire is sold on reels. Please read the full product description for information about sizes and colours.


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I sell this coloured copper craft wire in reels. You need to choose the size of wire and the colour. I stock two sizes: 0.315mm and 0.5mm.

If you are more used to the US gauge system for wire, then here is the conversion. 0.315mm is about 28 gauge. 0.5mm is about 24 gauge. So, please check carefully to be sure that you are purchasing the correct size.

There is 70m of 0.315mm wire on a reel. The 0.5mm has 25m on a reel.

What is Coloured Copper Craft Wire Used for?

You can use this coloured copper craft wire for any beading or craft purpose. I use it for French beading. So, this wire is perfect for that craft because it comes on a reel. You should keep it on the reel as you use it.

If you need more French beading supplies, I also sell the beads. Plus, I sell other supplies, like the floral stem tape, embroidery silk and stem stiffening wires here.

I also sell French beaded flower patterns here on my website. Just look in the French beading section in the shop. If you prefer, you can buy complete kits for French beading as well.

About the Wire

These reels of coloured copper craft wire are manufactured in the UK. In my experience, they are top quality. The wire doesn’t kink too easily and I have never had trouble with it breaking.

The colourings are effectively ‘paint’ applied to the top of the copper base. Unlike some brands, the colour does not rub off easily with this wire. However, if you are using pliers or other tools to manipulate the wire, I do suggest that you wrap them with masking tape. The metal on the pliers, if unprotected, can damage wire coatings.

When you are choosing your colour, please take note of the gallery images. I have labelled each image with its colour. So, by matching the labels on the images with the labels in the menu, you can be sure that you are ordering the colour that you want. These colours do photograph well. If you are trying to match a particular bead shade, you will need to go for the ‘best option’. The wire blends surprisingly well with different beads!

A lot of people ask me for white wire. Unfortunately I have not been able to find a pure white. So, I advise you to choose either the Ivory or the Silver. Both tone well with white beads.

If you need any other advice about working with wire, check My World of Beads for a variety of helpful blogs.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Wire Size

0.315mm (28ga), 0.5mm (24ga)


Dark Purple, Silver, Warm Gold, Supa Baby Pink, Ivory, Red, Opaque Blue, Supa Champagne, Vivid Green, Black

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