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  • Candy beads are two-holed beads, measuring 8mm in diameter
  • You are buying a string of 20 beads here
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I sell Candy beads as strands of 20 beads. So, what are these…?

What are candy beads?

These cute beads are 8mm in diameter. They are round with a slightly domed top and a flat back. Each bead has two holes running through it. So, they work well for linking elements.

You can mix them up with other seed beads.

The candy beads come in a range of colours. So, although I have a limited selection here, others are available. If you know of a colour you would like, then just get in touch and I will try to source it for you.

How to use candy beads

As with any other multi-holed bead, these are great for embellishment. So, you can combine them with other seed beads in bead-weaving projects.

They work brilliantly as accents in bead embroidery. The two holes allow you to anchor them securely to the fabric. Then, you can add smaller seed beads around them, giving a cabochon-like effect.

So, if you are wanting some ideas to try, let me suggest this…

First up, see how they will fit together in your favourite bead-weaving technique. Then, once you have worked out thread paths, think about where you might need to cover threads. Tiny seed beads or True2 beads are great for this.

Second, do you have any patterns that you’ve used before which needed some sort of disc shaped bead? If you do, then have a go at adapting it to use the candy beads instead. Now, you may have to make alterations as not all disc beads are the same size. But at least you have a basic thread path to work with.

Hopefully that gives you some ideas to try.

I will be playing more with the candy beads. So, look out for some patterns using them!

And if you have any questions, just let me know.

Additional information

Weight 0.015 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 1 cm

Red, Orange, Yellow, Light Blue