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Earn up to 38 Free Beads.

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Do you need somewhere pretty and convenient to store your beading needles? Then grab a beadable needle case and a pattern!

About the Beadable Needle Case

These beadable needle cases are made from metal and measure about 3.25″ long. So, they will hold beading needles of all sizes.

You can choose your colour – gold or silver. The beadwork will sit around the inner section, leaving the gold or silver finish on the ends.

These beadable needle cases also come with a handy ring, so you can attach them to a key chain. That means you’ll never lose one in your bag!

I like to have a couple of needle cases so I can separate out my long and short needles. If you use different brands of needle, then it is really handy to keep them in different cases.

This style is very secure, with a screw on lid. The metal casing is supremely durable and looks lovely.

How to use a beadable needle case

So, if you have never beaded a needle case before, it’s very simple! In fact, this is a lovely project to begin with if you are new to beading.

You simply stitch a strip of beadwork. Then wrap it around the central section of the needle case. Typically, you would use Peyote stitch, but there is no reason why you can’t try other beading techniques too.

You will find a lot of designers have created patterns for needle cases. Just take care because you can get different types of beadable needle case and they aren’t always the same size!

It’s not impossible to alter a pattern to fit, but this may seem a bit daunting if you are new to beading.

I have a few patterns on this website that I have designed specifically for these needle cases. So, they will be a perfect fit. Mine are made with even count peyote (yay for those nice simple turn arounds!). They use size 11 Delicas. So, possibly you already have a great stash of these beads just waiting to be used.

I’ve included some pattern links for you below. I even designed a special Bead Flowers pattern here>>

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Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 10 × 2 × 2 cm

Gold, Silver

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