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An essential tool for anyone who wants to thread large amounts of beads onto wire or beading thread. Read more in the description and see a bead spinner in action.

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What is a Bead Spinner for?

This bead spinner is perfect if you are wanting to thread beads for French Beading. Rather than stringing by hand, simply fill the bowl with beads, curve the end of your wire to create a small hook and then hold this in the bowl. As you spin the bowl (using the silver spindle) the beads will fly to the edges of the bowl and onto your wire. So you can thread literally hundreds of beads in minutes.

If you have a copy of my Bead Flowers and Wedding Bouquets ebook, then you can see a video of the bead spinner in action. This video is now also available here.

Helpful Tips

The bead spinner is also useful for any other type of beadwork that requires long lengths of beads. It comes with a couple of needles. These are designed for use with the bowl. So, you can use these to string beads onto thread.

The bead spinner is perfect for setting up the initial string of beads for bead crochet. Just as long as you don’t need to form a pattern! You might also be making jewellery that requires long lengths of beads. Again the bead spinner will save you a lot of time.

It is worth noting that the bead spinner only really works with seed beads. So, if you are stringing larger beads, you will still need to do these by hand. However, for this necklace project, I found my bead spinner indispensable.

If you do a lot of French beading then you may find it useful to have more than one spinner. You can keep a different colour of beads in each. Then, move quickly from making your flower petals to making your leaves without needing to keep swapping the beads colours in your bowl.

For more information about French beading, you may find this blog helpful. I also have plenty of patterns available on this site, in addition to the book mentioned above.

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  1. sue.wolberg (verified owner)

    Slightly bigger than I expected. Price is goo. But the most important thing is that it spins like a dream.

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